Best Contour Kit for Your Skin Type

Are you struggling to find the right Contour Kit? Don’t worry! we’ve got you covered with these easy steps that will help you find the best contour kit for your skin type!

Whether you’re an all-out makeup artist or someone who likes to use some color and definition on their face, choosing the right contour kit can be daunting. You want something that will look good on your skin tone and features. But picking something that looks good on everyone might make your face look overdone or worse, fake and unnatural.

With so many different makeup brands out there, finding the best Contour Kit can be tough, but this list of best contour palettes for every skin type will help you make the right choice for your skin tone and needs.

What is Contour Kit?

Contour Kit

Contouring is a makeup technique that changes the shape of your face. Using two colors and a brush, you’re able to create shadows and add definition to your cheeks, jaw line, and temples. A contour kit usually contains two colors one lighter than your skin tone and one darker as well as a powder to set everything in place for the day.

 Different people find different colors work best for them. When choosing which color is right for you, think about where you are trying to highlight and what color would be the opposite. If you want to highlight your cheekbones, choose a shade that will bring out your natural flush or redness, such as pink or peachy shades.

If you want to define your jaw line or make it look more narrow, use shades with more brown undertones like tan or light browns. You can either get an all-in-one palette with both dark and light shades together or individual packages of each color separately so they can be customized depending on what part of the face they’ll be used on.

How to Find Your Perfect Contour Kit

Contour Kit

Finding the perfect contour kit for your skin tone can be a tricky and time-consuming process. Listed below are some steps to finding  your perfect palette:

1) Know your skin type. If you have oily skin, or live in a humid climate, you’ll want to avoid using powders that dry out the skin and cause more oils to form. However, if you have dry skin it may be better to find a cream-based contour kit that won’t leave an oily residue on the surface of your complexion.

2) Take a look at what colors the kit includes. If you’re looking for a natural look, stick with earth tones such as browns and beiges. If you’re going for something with more drama, experiment with darker shades like navy blue or purple.

3) Decide whether you want a matte finish or something shimmery and luminous like highlighter.

4) Determine whether the kit is travel-friendly by taking into account how many products are included

5) Check out reviews before making your purchase – no one knows your skin better than yourself!

Step 1: Know Your Skin Tone

If you want a contour that compliments your skin tone, you first need to figure out what your skin tone is. With more than 10 different tones and undertones, it can be difficult to get the right shade of makeup. Here are a few ways you can figure out your skin tone:

Pinch your cheeks to find the pinkish undertone, and then choose a blush that looks good with this hue. Use eye drops to test different shades of green or blue until you find the one that doesn’t affect the color in your eye

Most people’s natural highlights have an olive or red tint. You may also notice changes in skin tone if you wear glasses, since they change the color of the light hitting your face. Use a darker shade of brown, for instance, to make your nostrils appear.

What type of environment do you typically spend your time in? A person who spends lots of time outdoors will need higher SPF products than someone who spends their days inside. The main point to consider is to find a product that suits best with your comfort and lifestyle.

Step 2: Get the Right Shades

Contour Kit

For fair skin tones, start with a cool-toned shade like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation in Pale to Neutral. For warmer skin tones, try out shades that have yellow undertones like Too Faced Matte Bronzer in California. Those with neutral skin tones can use any shade to contour since their skin is already balanced and doesn’t lean too far into either direction.

Whether you’re more on the warm or cool side of the spectrum, bronzing makes for a quick, easy way to create shadows on your face to make it appear slimmer! The darker you go, the narrower your forehead will look, which is great if you’ve got a big one!

Apply the product to your temples, jaw line, cheekbones, and forehead. Apply generously for a natural look or lightly for something more dramatic. If you want an extra glow effect, add some highlighter around your cheekbones and brow bones. It’ll give off that lit from within radiance all over your face!

Step 3: Avoid Failure

Contouring is something you can learn in a short amount of time. A lot of people may think it’s hard to do, but if you take your time and follow the rules, it is something that anyone can master. Contouring, if done correctly, can be one of the most crucial aspects in developing your own distinctive face makeup appearance.

Usually people experience breakouts from the excess oil production and this usually has an adverse effect on their mood as well as their confidence. The best way to go about contouring oily skin is by using matte bronzer to add warmth and darken areas like under your cheekbones or forehead. Where pores might be enlarged due to excess sebum production.

If you’re worried about looking dirty, then make sure not to use shimmery bronzers; instead opt for matte versions with minimal shine so they don’t add extra shine to already shiny parts of your face.

Step 4: Add A Blush in The Correct Area

Contour Kit

Contouring is the act of using a lighter, matte shade to sculpt and shape the face. Unlike highlighting, which accents features like cheekbones and a strong jaw line, contouring helps minimize your more prominent features by carving out hollows in their place. By doing this, you create a more oval shaped face that’s narrower at the temples.

When contouring your nose, use a darker shade where you want it to be wider to reshape its appearance. . Use a darker shade of brown, for instance, to make your nostrils appear smaller. Down the center line of your chin (called smile lines), underneath your cheekbones, and along your lower eyelids brush is not used mostly.

Best Palette For Fair Skin

The NYX Professional Makeup contour kit is one of the best options for fair skin. It has three colors, a highlight and bronzer. This palette is not too dark which is perfect for fair skin tones. There are a lot of matte colors in this palette which make it great to use when you are looking for something that will not make your face oilier.

NYX professional makeup makes some of the best cosmetics around and all their products have a pretty good price point on them. The price range is $6-12 USD so this isn’t expensive and has many good reviews on it! This could be a great option if you’re looking for the best highlighter for fair skin because there are two different shades in this palette!

Best Palette for Tan/Medium Complexion

Contour Kit

If you have a tan to medium complexion, we recommend the NYX Slim Face Palette for $14. This kit has four shades with varying undertones, and it’s super blend able. If you prefer cream contouring over powder, then this is a great option for you because it comes with a cream highlighter. Also has three creamy contouring shades that can also be used as blush.

If you have pale skin, we recommend the L’Oreal True Match Foundation Stick for $11. It is more affordable than most foundations on the market, but offers great coverage! Just dab it on your face where you want some extra color or use it all over your face for an even tone.

Best Palette For Dark Skin

Contour Kit

Nyx Cosmetics Color Correcting Palette is the best contouring kit for people with dark skin. While other contouring kits may leave a grayish tone on the face, Nyx’s products are safe for any complexion and provide high-coverage color correcting, bronzing, and highlighting. It also comes with two dual ended applicators to make application quick and easy, or it can be used with brushes.

The packaging is also nice because it has a mirror on one side of the box so you can easily take this along wherever you go. All in all, this product is very highly recommended if you have dark skin. We would recommend trying out either this Nyx palette or Colourpop Highlighter Trio in Stereo. Both have amazing coverage that does not look unnatural and lasts throughout the day without having to reapply makeup.

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