How to Apply Eye Shadow- Best tutorial

Most of us suffer on how to apply eye shadow! It can be one of the most versatile makeup items in your beauty arsenal, but it can also be a bit confusing to apply, especially if you’re not used to it. It can be one of the most fun ways to enhance your natural beauty, but if you’re not sure how to apply it properly, then it can be more of a headache than anything else! Follow these step-by-step instructions to apply eye shadow correctly, ensuring that you achieve your desired look every time.

To open up the eyes and make them appear bigger, eye shadow can be used on the upper, lower, inner corner, and even waterline of the eyes. This tutorial will walk you through the steps of applying an eyeshade. Applying it in just the right way can make your eyes look much bigger and more beautiful and with these helpful tips, you will be able to create your own unique style.  

Know Your Eye Shape

Knowing your eye shape is the first step to applying eye-shadow that will make your eyes beautiful and attractive. Knowing what shape your eyes are will not only help you apply the right color, but it’ll also help you choose which eyeliner and mascara to use. If you have close-set eyes, then your lashes may appear shorter than someone with a wider set of eyes.

If you have deep-set eyes then using a dark shadow in the crease of your eyelid will open up your eyes by bringing them closer to the outer corner of your lid where they appear higher on the face. Keep in mind if you have large or hooded lids, this may cause shadows or colors to migrate or transfer onto other parts of your face or under eye area. So be sure to clean off any fallout with a tissue before continuing with application.

Your First Base: Eye Primer

Eyelid base is important for setting your eye shadow. A primer will help your eyeshadow stay on longer and prevent creasing, which can make you look like a panda. For the most natural-looking eyelid base, use a light-colored eye shadow in a matte finish that is one or two shades lighter than your skin tone. For more definition and shimmer, use a highlighter or light-reflecting eye shadow that has some shimmer in it.

Blend this into your eyelid with a blending brush so that there are no lines and it looks seamless. If you have oily lids, avoid using too much of this type of product because it can slip off throughout the day. If you need extra coverage over oily lids, just use powder eye shadow in place of the liquid concealer before applying any other products to your face or eyelids.

The Basics of Contouring

How to Apply Eye Shadow

Eyes are often the focal point of a person’s face, so it is important to make sure that they are looking their best. To start, begin by brushing your eyelid with a light color of eyeshadow all the way up to the crease.

Use a lighter shade next, blending it into the middle from the innermost corner of your eyes. Then, use a lighter shade on the inner corner of your eye and blend it out towards the middle. Finally, line your eyes with black eyeliner for depth and definition.

Layer on Colour

Start by choosing the eyeshadow that looks best according to your eyeshape. If you have a square face, choose matte colours that are neutral and earthy-toned. For those with an oval shape, opt for any colour of your choice! Whatever you do, don’t forget to blend well as this is key in ensuring that there are no harsh lines.

The most important thing about putting on eyeshadow is making sure it goes over the eyelid crease (this makes it look like you’re awake). Choose three different colours; one light pink, one medium brown, and one deep burgundy.

Put the lighter colour at the top of your lid, and then layer on the medium brown until it meets up with your eyebrow bone. Lastly, take out some of the darker burgundy shadow and put it just below where you applied brown so there’s an obvious difference between these two shades.

Point Up the Outer Corners

How to Apply Eye Shadow

To accentuate the outer corners of your eyes, start by using a light color like beige, white or pale pink. Fill in the corner with a small brush, and then use your finger or another flat brush to blend it out. Now you can apply darker colors along the crease and above the lash line for more definition.

You can also add some sparkle and glitter on top of darker colors for a glamorous look that’s perfect for going out at night. Use a fine-tipped liner brush and dab on your eyelid just below the center of the lashes to create an eye-catching cat eye. Be sure to let dry before applying mascara so it doesn’t smear onto your lids!

Shades for Dark Skin

How to Apply Eye Shadow on darker skin tone? For dark skin, the best colors are light brown, olive green and dark grey. The darkest colors that work well on darker skin tones are black or navy blue. You can use a small brush to apply eye shadow with lighter colors, but for darker colors it is better to use your fingertip so that you can see where it goes.

To highlight, gently put color near where your brows meet to open up eyes without making them appear too fake. Now add more color around the inner corner of your lower lash line by using a pencil brush or sponge applicator. Apply mascara; make sure not to do too much since dark lashes may look clumpy if too much mascara is applied.

Shades for Light Skin Tone

How to Apply Eye Shadow on lighter skin tone? The best eye shade colors for light skin tone are natural shades like browns, beige and gold. Try using medium brown eye shadow as an all-over base color. Then use a little bit of gold on the eyelids and crease to highlight your bone structure and make your eye color really pop.

To finish off the look, use a lighter shade of brown in the inner corners of your eyes. Blend it with some gold at the end of your eyebrows or underneath them to create a contour that will bring out the green tones in your eyes. Don’t forget to line the top lid with black pencil or liquid liner if you want bolder lashes.

Now you have a full descriptive guide on How to Apply Eye Shadow on any skin tone and skin type,

How to Remove Eye shadow

After knowing that how to apply eye shadow, you must know how to remove it. There are a variety of ways to remove eyeshadow from your skin and they all depend on the type of eyeshadow you’re wearing. Here’s a breakdown of some common types, as well as what you can use to remove them.

Powder Eyeshadows: With powder eyeshadows, you can either swipe a cotton pad soaked in makeup remover over your eyelids or gently wipe off with a tissue soaked in makeup remover. But be careful not to rub too hard because it will cause more irritation than necessary.


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