Beautiful Butterfly Eyeliner Ideas

If you are looking to wear butterfly eyeliner, you have come to the right place! Butterfly eyeliner has been popular lately and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. With butterfly eyeliner, it’s all about making your eyes pop and grab attention! You can get this look with lots of different makeup products – from mascara to eyeshadow to pen liner! Check out my top favorite butterfly eyeliner ideas below! Have fun!

How to Select one

There are many ways that you can use butterfly eyeliner to spruce up your daily makeup routine. With so many styles available on store shelves today, how do you know which one is right for you? If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, take a step back and consider what kind of look you’d like.

We’ve narrowed it down and found different types of eyeliners; choose one based on what’s most appealing to you! You’ll be feeling hot in no time at all! 1. Gel Pencils: This product offers high-pigment color and ease of application, but may not give you quite as much versatility as some other products out there.

2. Liquid Liners: The great thing about liquid liners is that they can easily draw a precise line along your lash line, but some people find them hard to work with because they need more practice or don’t offer enough control over where they place their lines.

Butterfly Eyeliner Ideas

Butterfly Eyeliner

I am a big fan of Butterfly eyeliner! Some women prefer to wear makeup only for special occasions, but for me, it’s part of my daily makeup routine. With so many options of eye liners available in today’s market, how would you choose which one is perfect for you? What are your favorite eyeliners? Here are some great butterfly eyeliner ideas that will make your eyes pop with color and style. Whatever you decide, have fun with it!

Small Butterfly Eyeliner

Small butterflies can look cute, sexy or elegant, depending on your outfit and makeup look. You can place a small butterfly eyeliner at either corner of your eye. It gives your eyes a lift without looking overdone. It looks very natural and draws attention up toward your brow bone and away from crow’s feet around your eyes.

Large Butterfly Eyeliner

Butterfly Eyeliner

Large butterflies are perfect for when you want to make a statement with your eyes. Place them in line with your pupils for maximum impact. If you want something more subtle, try placing it just above or below your pupil instead. To keep it balanced and not overwhelm your face, keep other makeup minimal. A little mascara, some blush if you have cheekbones to show off and an easy lip color will suffice.

Black and White Butterfly Eyeliner

Whether you’re looking for a fun way to spice up your look for a night out, or you’ve decided to try out eyeliner but don’t have any solid ideas, here are some of my favorite butterfly eyeliner looks. With black and white liners, it’s easy and inexpensive to create many different designs.

For instance, if you want something basic, go with black on just one eye and white on another. If you want something a bit more elaborate, use both colors in whichever pattern (see Two-Toned B&W Butterfly Eyeliner) you find most appealing.

Mint and Teal Butterfly Eyeliner

Butterfly Eyeliner

This is my favorite butterfly eyeliner look because it’s classy and edgy at the same time. Teal always looks good on brown eyes. It makes your eyes brighter, and teal has a calming effect that can help you feel relaxed enough to drift off into sleep if you have trouble sleeping. Mint is also very relaxing, so I like pairing these colors together.

To get a similar look yourself: Apply a light mint shadow all over your lids (this will be your base), then apply an even lighter shade of mint over it in a very thin line going from near your lash line up toward your eyebrow but stop just before it reaches there.

Orange Double Butterfly Eyeliner

Butterfly Eyeliner

This is an eyeliner that makes your eyes look as if you are wearing two separate eyeshadow shades at once. The orange butterfly goes in your upper lash line, while the blue butterfly goes on your lower lash line. When done correctly, it creates a dazzling effect that I absolutely adore. Here’s how to get it!

First, create a thin line with black liquid liner. Then, using brown eyeshadow or eyeliner pencil (orange), draw a small V-shape above your black line and extend it out toward your temple. Next, take another brown pencil (blue) and draw a small V-shape below your black liner and extend it out toward your temple until they connect together in one continuous stroke.

Lastly, connect both wings by filling them in with brown pencil or gel liner until they reach each other. To finish off the look, apply mascara to both upper and lower lashes! Bridal Eye Shadow: One of my favorites looks for weddings is butterfly wing eye shadow!

Blue and Pink Butterfly Eyeliner

Butterfly Eyeliner

Blue and pink together look great, especially when you’re going for a butterfly look. After you’ve put on your eyeshadow base, follow up with a light blue eyeliner pencil or eye shadow (MAC Cosmetics has some great shades). Then add a little bit of pink right next to it. Blend both colors until they’re about halfway up your eyelid.

Then fill in all of your lid space with just pink, leaving about half an inch near your tear duct area uncolored. That will be where you do most of your winging out, so keep that space open! When you get close to your eyebrow, switch back over to blue and complete any lines or cover any spots that are left incomplete.

Black Butterfly Eyeliner with Facial Rhinestones

Butterfly Eyeliner

This is a beautiful combination of two popular trends: rhinestones and butterfly eyeliner. To get a look like this, begin with light black eye shadow all over your lids. 1. Before you apply mascara, place rhinestones in an alternating pattern on each side of your face. With these facial rhinestones, you can create any design you want! You can make a half moon shape or anything that matches your eye shape. In addition to butterfly eyeliners and rhinestones, go ahead and add glitter or shiny stickers if you want more shimmer on your eyes!

Lower Lash Butterfly Eyeliner

Take some time and apply a gentle lower lash line on your lower lid. This gives a great innocent look for daily wear. You could also try taking a lighter shade of pencil and applying in just one line, that can give a sexier look and make your eyes pop! The best thing about these eyeliners is that it will last you all day long.

I have used other eyeliners before but I have found these are very easy to use and it doesn’t feel like they are going runny at all. These are very pigmented so be careful when using because you really don’t need much at all, otherwise it may smudge off onto your face which will create lines on your face so don’t press too hard.

Huge Butterfly Eyeliner

Butterfly Eyeliner

The huge butterfly eyeliner is a dramatic look for someone who wants to make a statement. This look is best done with thicker makeup brushes, like round and angle brushes, as opposed to thin liner brushes (though you can absolutely do it with thinner brushes). The step-by-step process below will give you an idea of what steps are involved in creating your own butterfly.  

1. Start by drawing a straight line across your upper lash line starting from your inner eye corner moving outward following your natural lash line. 2. Line underneath your bottom lash line so that you end up creating two small triangles or half-moons on either side of each eye; then, fill in these triangles or half-moons using even strokes.

Goth Butterfly Eyeliner Look

Butterfly Eyeliner

To create a goth butterfly eyeliner look, use black mascara and eyeliner to draw two thin lines. Next, outline your eyes with black eye shadow. To make your eyes appear bigger, use white face paint on your lids. Then, use a red-brown shade of eye shadow in a circular motion over your lids and underneath your bottom lashes.

Complete by creating cat eye liner with black eyeliner. Smudge it out if you’re looking for a softer look or keep it crisp if you want something edgy! A dark gothic hairstyle is essential to complete any goth butterfly makeup look; crimped hair is perfect!

What do Butterflies Symbolize?

People have used butterflies as symbols throughout history. From ancient times, people saw butterflies as messengers of love, peace and joy; they also thought that butterflies could predict one’s future. Today, many are familiar with butterfly tattoos, but did you know that some women also wear butterfly makeup?

 It’s true! Some fashionistas use butterfly-shaped eyeliners on their upper lids to give their eyes a unique look. Here are ideas for how you can use butterfly eyeliners: 1. Every Day 2. Weekend 3. Prom Night 4. Going out with Friends 5. Weddings 6. Birthday Party 7. When You Feel Like Dressing Up

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