The Best Lip Balm To Heal Your Lips

If you’re one of the many people who suffer from chapped lips, there are plenty of lip balms out there to help you get back to normal in no time at all! But how do you know which lip balm to choose? With so many products claiming to be the best lip balm, how do you choose which one will give your lips the ultimate care they deserve?

By focusing on those that contain natural and organic ingredients, you can protect both your lips and your overall health! Taking care of your mouth means taking care of yourself!

The Importance Of Applying Moisturizer

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Whether it is winter, summer or somewhere in-between, your skin is always taking a beating from the Sun. Even if you’re not getting a direct burn from the sun rays, your skin will still absorb enough UV exposure to cause cellular damage. Additionally, it might cause wrinkles and early aging.

As for choosing the right formula for your needs, there are many different types of moisturizers with various formulations such as cream, gel or lotion. Creams generally provide better hydration but tend to be greasy while lotions typically have less grease but need frequent re-application throughout the day. Gels are lighter than creams but heavier than lotions.

 How Can You Get Your Favorite Colors?

Ever had your lips smooth, glossy and sparkly? Here are 5 ways to make them that way.

1. Use lip balm with a fun color like hot pink! Add a little sparkle on top of it and you’ll look glamorously dainty.

 2. Mix your clear lip gloss with some chapstick for extra moisture and to create new colors (e.g., black).

3. Put lipstick over the top of your lip balm for a super dramatic pop (e.g., matte red).

 4. Apply a dark lip liner just outside the natural line of your lips, then put on your favorite shade of light red or orange-y pink for added drama.

 5. Dip your fingers in strawberry jam and massage into your lips to leave them looking soft and dewy.

How To Make Lips Smoother?

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Ever wish you could make your lips smoother without trying to take a break in the weather and put on that goopy lip balm? There are a few tried-and-true tricks to make your lips smooth with the use of your fingers. First, gently rub both thumbs against each other, and then run them along the top or bottom of your lips.

This should remove any dead skin and oils that have accumulated while you’ve been going about your day. The next trick is taking an ice cube and rubbing it all over your lips as fast as you can for ten seconds, before finally rubbing them together. If they’re still dry, apply a small amount of chapstick and wipe off any excess before putting away the tube.

How Lip Balm Can Be Used For Smooth Lips?

Every winter, you deal with dry skin and dry or chapped lips because of cold weather. This beauty and skincare product was invented a long time ago, but still stands up to the demands of this generation. 

  • Use lip balm every day-let it sink in your lips for a few minutes before you put on lip gloss/matte lipstick (also try to use it when applying mascara) 
  • don’t forget about using lip balm when washing your face! 
  • Apply chapstick before you apply any other makeup-lip liner, eye shadow etc. 
  • Lip balms are good for cheek area too! Apply some there before putting on blush. You will not only keep your cheeks moisturized, but also get an even more radiant look.

 What Ingredients Are Good For Your Lips?

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Among the many products used over the years, petroleum jelly, or Vaseline is one of the most effective. It moisturizes dry skin and lips and does not leave a film. Coconut oil also works well as a topical moisturizer for dry skin and lips. But keep in mind that it is solid at room temperature so it must be warmed up before using.

Lanolin provides an emollient, softening effect on chapped skin while still being gentle enough to use on delicate tissue like your lips. Some people may experience allergic reactions from lanolin, so you may want to avoid this ingredient if you are prone to irritation.

What Ingredients Are Bad For Your Lips?

If you’ve ever seen a movie about the winter, chances are that someone had an issue with dry or chapped lips. The unfortunate reality is that many of us deal with these conditions because of cold weather, lack of water intake, or just plain old stress and anxiety. Chapstick/ lip balms should have some type of SPF protection as a preventative measure against UV damage.

Most lip balms also contain Vitamin E and Shea butter which will help moisturize your skin when applied over time. Some brands may be formulated for better sun protection than others, so read labels before purchasing them! Allergic reactions can cause cracks in the skin on your lips so it is important to do patch testing before applying any new products. 

Go For Hemp Seed Oil Instead Of Coconut Oil

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Satisfy your dry skin and lips with hemp seed oil. This beauty and skincare product was invented a long time ago. Simply take 1-2 tablespoons of hemp seed oil, massage it into your skin. Then sleep in them for the rest of the night. The nourishment will enter deep into your skin while you sleep, leaving you with smoother, softer skin when you wake up in the morning.

 You can also use this trick to help cure your chapped lips in colder months by taking a q-tip dipped in the oil and gently rubbing it over lips before going to bed. It is usually needed to do this once or twice a day but the oil is totally worth it because the results are amazing! If you want extra protection from cold air as well as lip balm, dab on some Vaseline onto your lips before heading outside! You will be thanking yourself later 🙂

Soothe Chapped Lips

During the winter seasons, it can be difficult to keep your lips moisturized. In some cases, chapped lips or dry skin may result in embarrassing situations that you want to avoid. One of the easiest remedies is using a warm towel on your skin or lips to soothe them from the winter cold. Simply wrap the towel around your hand. Rub in circles for a few minutes, then wait for it to completely cool before peeling off.

If your lips are especially dry, use petroleum jelly as well. Apply Lip balm at Least Once A Day: Even though lip balms may seem insignificant, they’re essential during the cold season. It’s important to apply lip balm at least once per day to keep them protected and hydrated!

Look For Ingredients That Contain Shea Butter: If you’re having trouble finding a good lip balm product, look for products that contain shea butter or beeswax . These ingredients will give you added protection against both cold weather conditions and windchill

DIY Mini Lip Scrub – Exfoliating Saves Dry Lips

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A lip scrub is a great way to remove buildup on the surface of your lips. Before using a lip scrub, make sure that your lips are completely dry and then gently massage the scrub over your lips in circular motions for 30 seconds. You can also place lip balms or chapsticks under the product so that they get exfoliated as well!

Lip scrubs can be found at the store, but they’re typically very expensive and are filled with ingredients that you may not want to ingest. The average lip scrub costs around $10-20 USD! And while they might seem like an inexpensive option. This little DIY hack will save you some serious cash!

All you need is baking soda (a little goes a long way!), olive oil (to moisturize), and coconut oil (to keep lips hydrated) to whip up some lip scrub magic at home. Simply mix together all three ingredients until it becomes paste-like consistency and apply it directly to your lips in circular motions for one minute.

Top Recommendations

Sugar Bloom Fresh SPF Lip Balm has a healthy hint of peppermint, making it instantly more delightful to use. It also helps smooth away chapped skin and is an amazing solution for dry lips in winter. It creates barrier against rain and wind, which often triggers dry skin. If you suffer from chronic dry skin on your lips, this product can seal in moisture.T

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