How To Create The Perfect Makeup Kit For Yourself

The makeup industry has made leaps and bounds over the years. It can be a little bit difficult or even more to find the right products that fit best you. Specifically, if you are new to experiencing makeup or if you have sensitive skin. It is difficult to find a product that best suits you because there are hundreds of options available.

 If it’s even worth splurging on something that may not work in the long run. This guide on the perfect Makeup Kit will help you out in everything from knowing your skin type to picking the right products. Then put together an affordable yet well-rounded kit that will make sure you always look your best!

Mascara & Eyelashes

Makeup Kit

The eyes are the most attention-driving part of your face. While beautiful eyelashes make your eyes more attractive. Makeup Kit has a main product that is false eyelashes.For eyelashes, there are tons of great brands but selecting a personal favorite is difficult. To make your lashes look defined and attractive, you can use false eyelashes. It comes in many different styles and lengths for just about any occasion.

 Mascara comes in waterproof, water-resistant, lengthening, volumizing or thickening formulas. Waterproof mascara is not easy to remove with water alone and often requires the use of soap or oil to break down the mascara’s film that coats the lashes. Water-resistant mascara won’t smudge when exposed to water while still being easily removed with soap or an oil cleanser.

 Lengthening mascaras thicken as they lengthen while volumizing mascaras provide thickness without length. Thickening mascaras are good for providing volume at the base of the lash line. Where most people have little-to-no lashes due to overplucking their natural lashes. Because wearing extensions that eventually damage their natural lashes causes them not to grow back fully.

Eye Shadow Palette

Makeup Kit

Makeup bags and pallettes are not only beautiful, but they allow you to create multiple looks from just one palette. In order to find the best palette for you, think about the colors that you would like most in a highlighter and bronzer.

If you like bold colors opt for shades of purples and blues. And if you have darker skin tones, go with more deep purple and black shades as highlights. You should also consider how many eye shadows you want in your palette, as some can range from 12-30.

The size will also matter because it is important to note whether or not you are comfortable carrying the large size around with you.  Some palettes include brushes and sponges while others don’t so you may need to purchase those separately. To make things easier, you’ve to look for the best one according to your needs. A palette that is easy to carry and has shades from all color families and fits your skin type.

Lip Products

Makeup Kit

When choosing a lip product in your Makeup bag, you’ll first want to figure out what type of lips you have: dry, sensitive, or chapped.

 If you have dry lips, products like Dior addict lipstick and Benefit lip lingerie will work well for you. Sensitive lips will benefit from thinner formulas like Smashbox’s nude lip gloss and Urban Decay’s Revolution Lipstick in Sellout. Chapped lips will find comfort in lanolin-rich products like AVON Moisture Therapy Lip Color Stick and Blistex Medicated Lip Balm.

A good rule of thumb is that the lighter the color, the more moister it should be (this applies to eye shadow as well). For example, blushes with peachy tones are generally less drying than those with deep purple undertones. One more thing to consider when selecting a lip product is whether you need something heavy-duty or not.

For everyday wear, most people don’t need anything too pigmented but if you’re going out at night, then a vibrant red might be best. Remember, just because a liquid matte lipstick looks amazing on you don’t mean it will feel great, so make sure to test them out before purchasing!


Makeup Kit

When it comes to the concealer section of your perfect Makeup bag, there are a number of different products you should include. It’s important that the product you choose matches whatever foundation or BB cream you prefer. Otherwise, you’ll get an uneven finish and have problems covering areas of your face.

For example, if you’re going for a matte foundation look, opting for a liquid-based concealer is best because they blend better. If not — stick with cream-based ones and add on a tinted moisturizer or bronzer if needed. Otherwise, choose powder-based concealers which will go great with more dewy foundation options. They work well with the sponge technique.

Other good concealers worth checking out are those which come with their own or those designed specifically for under-eye use like this one from Tarte Cosmetics.


Makeup Kit

Foundation is often a makeup user’s first pick, as it can be used for coverage, foundation, or sunscreen depending on the formula. Some foundations are water-based and offer lighter coverage and may work better for those with dry skin. Others use oils in the formula that typically have heavier coverage.

 Powder foundations are often recommended for those who have oily skin because they usually stay on much longer than liquid or cream-based formulas. Lastly, we cannot forget about tinted moisturizers that provide light coverage and an SPF of 15 without feeling too heavy on the skin.

You need a foundation that offers coverage but doesn’t feel heavy on your skin. Make sure it matches your skin tone and blends into any blemishes or imperfections seamlessly. Plus, find something with SPF to protect against harmful UV rays!

There are so many foundations to choose from BB creams, tinted moisturizers, liquid foundations and mineral-based ones just to name a few. If you’re new to wearing makeup, we recommend starting off with an affordable option before investing in something pricier.


Makeup Kit

Highlight and contour are important element in a Makeup Kit, if you want a natural look. If you’re going for a more dramatic look, contouring can be your choice. Contouring is where you make one half of your face lighter and the other darker in order to create the illusion of a stronger jaw line, narrower forehead or larger cheekbones. The following are some tips on how to apply it:

Apply bronzer around the hairline and temples – Sweep a matte powder (or cream) blush into the hollows of cheeks – Add matte color powder under the cheekbone – Finish with an opaque light layer over the lid – Avoid adding too much product, as this can give an unnatural appearance that’s too severe – Always use a concealer with yellow-based pigment under eyes to avoid highlighting dark circles

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